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Standard Meditation and Yoga Cushion - Teal / Gray


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Standard Meditation and Yoga Cushion - Teal / Gray

Dimensions: 14" x 7" x 5"


Zafuko bulletpoint This zafu meditation pillow is remarkably practical and can be used for positions that require support (for your knees, elbows or forearms)

Zafuko bulletpoint This affordable yoga and meditation pillow also can be used while giving massage therapy for positions where your knees, elbows or forearms require support.

Zafuko bulletpoint This versatile cushion can be used in several yoga inversion positions (supporting your head on the ground), easing poses that often cause pain or discomfort.

Zafuko bulletpoint This zafu cushion can help you avoid pain in seated positions by supporting the tailbone or hips 

Zafuko bulletpoint For meditation purposes, you can easily adjust the height of this adaptable supportive zafu cushion according to your needs

Zafuko bulletpoint Filled with 100% natural and organic kapok fiber

Zafuko bulletpoint Weighs only 1.1 pounds, so it can be transported with ease 

Zafuko bulletpoint Provides stability during exercise

Zafuko bulletpoint Optimal comfort for difficult postures

Zafuko bulletpoint Long-lasting and durable rollable yoga and meditation cushion with double-stitched ends 

Zafuko bulletpoint This essential yoga and meditation cushion, made from natural kapok fiber, has been used and recommended by numerous yoga communities and teachers

Zafuko bulletpoint Helps keep your back straight and facilitate breathing during pranayama

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