How are Zafuko Meditation Pillows made

  Kapok Tree, Kapok Pillow

We use 100% natural kapok. Kapok comes from the kapok tree, which grow in rainforests throughout Southeast Asia. The kapok fiber grows inside of 6-8" pods that grow from the tree. When the pods dry out, they are ready to be harvested from the tree. Kapok is similar to cotton, and is perfect for our Zafu cushions, as it moulds to your body providing structured support. 

Kapok is similar to a high quality down -- but is hypoallergenic and made from plant material. Kapok fibers are up to 8x less dense as cotton, and is even waterproof and quick drying. Kapok's texture is soft and smooth, yet malleable and resilient, which is why it is perfect for the supportive yet fluffy feel of our cushions. 

Handmade in Thailand

Supporting fair-trade in Thailand. We have been supporting fair-trade workers in Thailand since 2015, and we believe that as a business, it is our responsibility to be sure that workers are paid fair wages and are working in clean and healthy environments. It is our mission to expand our fair-trade program and continue to offer better job opportunities.