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Standard Meditation Pillow

Foldable Meditation Pillow

Flat-Rollable Cushion


Use as a meditation cushion, yoga block or bolster.

Versatile Design.
Folding capabilities gives you adjustable height and size options.

Folded, Rolled or Flat.

Great for sitting, kneeling or as support under the head, neck or hips.

Supportive and Comfortable.

Supports Spine while in seated meditation Postures & Provides stability in yoga poses.

2 Carry Handles.

and tie closure makes it easy to take with you to the park or sports event for your comfort.

Great for inversions.

The flat cushion is perfect for positions that require support, such as inverted positions.

Lightweight & Small.

Easy to carry along each day.

Optimal comfort.

Comfortable for meditation postures and stable enough to use in Yoga Poses.

Massage Therapy.

Use to prop under knees or when forearms require support.

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