About Anadeo

Anadeo means "Children of the Universe" in a dialect of Southeast Asia, the term has a deep meaning for animist populations that are connected to the elements of nature in relation to the cosmos.

We created Anadeo in 1999, specialized in Asian décor, we have operated a boutique in the Marais Coeur in Paris for 13 years.

Gradually we turned to the universe of Yoga, Meditation and relaxation by developing products and accessories for the discipline and practices which have since become since our core business.

The French school of Yoga Paris (EFY) was the first á trust our products until now. We have a lot of gratitude to her because she encouraged our involvement in the voice of Yoga and meditation.

Our products are made in the traditional way in our workshop in Thailand on the site of harvesting Kapok. This natural material comes from the kapok tree which gives a beautiful white fiber cotoneuse. This material "Bio" is 100% reclyclable and resistant to everyday use.


G.C.Georget, Founder

G.C.Georget, Founder